How to Use the Diamond Mine Online System!

The Diamond Mine Online is an Online Community developed with YOU in mind.

This is an interactive community with online message forums, BBS Doors, and file downloads.

For a first time user, it may be a little difficult to get around. Here are some useful tips if you have never used a Telnet interface to navigate menus WITHOUT A MOUSE!

Sign Up As A New User

You must sign up as a new user to play BBS Doors and to post messages. However, you can use the "guest" account just to look around.

 Please fill out ALL the information as requested, such as your desired handle or alias, your REAL NAME when prompted (I promise not to use it ANYWHERE!) and the city, state/province (US/Canada) and country where you live.

 Also please provide a VALID E-MAIL address (again, I won't use it unless I have to - and I will NOT spam you!) However, this is required for validation.

Here is a screen shot of what the sign on prompt looks like.

At this menu, type in the word NEW and hit enter.

Follow the prompts and fill out the information as requested. Once you are done, you will be directed to the main logon script which will lead you to the Main Menu.


Main Menu

Here is the main menu. Again, do NOT use your mouse here - it won't work. This is all keyboard driven!

Press a key to access the place you want to go.

For example, press M to access the Message Forums.

Or press F for the File Transfer Menu.

Or press O for the Online Programs (BBS Doors & other things) menu.

To log off just press G (goodbye) or /G (goodbye fast)


Message Menu

Here is what the Message Menu looks like.

Read New Messges - Press N

Read All Messages - Press R

To change the forum WITHIN a particular group (message network), press either the > (forwards) or < (backwards) keys.

To change GROUPS (networks), press either the ] (forwards) or the [ (backwards) keys.


Recommended Telnet Clients

The BEST way to experience the Diamond Mine Online is to use a Telnet Client. These are software programs that provide the best experience for the user. The built-in Windows Telnet Client does not support file transfers. Hence we highly suggest using a Telnet Client.


File Transfer Menu

Here is what the File Transfer Menu looks like. 

You can ONLY download (or upload) shareware files via Telnet Access *IF* you use a ZMODEM enabled Telnet client such as mTelnet or SyncTerm). It will NOT work with the built-in Telnet client in Windows. Otherwise we recommend using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access.


For More Information

For more information, please also visit the How To Access the Diamond Mine Online page to learn how to access the Diamond Mine Online via Telnet, Web or FTP.