The Jack Benny Story - A Radio Documentary from 1975

The following is the entire 3 hour radio documentary of Jack Benny (1894-1974). It was produced by the now defunct Old Time National Radio Archives of Spokane, Washington. It was broadcast on February 23, 1975 on (the also now defunct) KITN-AM of Lacey (Olympia), Washington.

I apologize for the quality of the recording. It was recorded onto an old style cassette recorder over 42 years ago. Thanks!

How To Listen

There are two ways you can listen to the documentary:

Download Real Audio Files

Download the FREE Real Player to listen to the following files.

The following files represent sides on a C-90 cassette tape (four sides in all, each 45 minutes).

The local commercials and ABC news reports are edited out. However, the audio quality is lacking in order to save file space. They were encoded at 8.5 Khz (about 5 Khz audio bandwidth).

Download the following ZIP files. Uncompress them onto your hard drive into SEPARATE directories. Each ZIP file has from 5 to 8 individual Real Audio files.

Side 1 (edited)

Side 2 (edited)

Side 3 (edited)

Side 4 (edited)

Download MP3 Audio Files

MP3 audio files can be played with either the Windows Media Player (default player for Windows) or with Winamp (recommended). The following MP3 files represent sides on a C-90 cassette tape (four sides in all, each 45 minutes)

These are taken directly from the cassette tapes. All commercials and ABC news reports (which are classic reports now themselves) are left in.

These were encoded at 11Khz WAV files and compressed to MP3 format. Since the original audio feed was at 5 Khz (AM radio), the audio quality is quite good.

Note - You MUST RIGHT CLICK on each file if you wish to download to your hard drive. Select either "Save Target As" (Internet Explorer) or "Save Link As" (Firefox) to save the files to the hard drive.

Side 1 (unedited)

Side 2 (unedited)

Side 3 (unedited)

Side 4 (unedited)

PLEASE NOTE: Please fill out the Contact Form if you have any problems listening or downloading the radio show. Also let me know if you did listen to the show and if you liked it or not. It took quite a long time to encode these shows for downloading on the Internet.

I do have one favor for the users of this website. This radio show is ONLY available on the website as you see it here. I will NOT make copies of the cassette tapes or CDs and send them via postal mail. Please do not ask. Enjoy them as you see them here. But please let me know if you like them or if you had a problem in downloading them! Thanks!




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