Things to do at the Diamond Mine Online!

The Diamond Mine Online System is an Online Community developed with YOU in mind. This is an interactive community with online message forums, BBS Doors, and file downloads.

Message Forums

A variety of messages of many interesting and controversial topics! Think of Message Forums as "chat boards" on various Websites. These Message Forums are topic-based - in other words, different topics go in different forums.

Ever wanted to express what was on your mind? Or do you want to communicate with other users but can't find anyone on a chat channel? See what you're missing! Conversation - you bet! Many different topics! There's bound to be one for you! And if not, let us know and we'll add it!

We have three Message Networks (DOVE-Net, FidoNet and AspectNet/VirtualNet) as well as local forums. We have over 200 forums to choose from. Somewhere there's bound to be something you like

Want to learn how to navigate the Message Forums? Click Here to learn how to navigate the Message Forums and learn how to Post A Message.


Interactive BBS Doors

Looking for a competitive environment? We have over 30 BBS Doors where you can compete against other users! Check out our wide assortment of text-based BBS doors that can only be played via our Telnet system. (Not available via our experimental web access system.)

Some of the BBS Doors include favorites such as Legend of the Red Dragon, Trade Wars 2002, Barren Realms Elite, Exitilus, Yankess and Rednecks and Planets TEOS.

Want to learn how to access the BBS Doors? Click Here to learn how.


Shareware Files - Try before you buy!

Looking for that special utility? Or looking for that BBS Door? Do you have or support older computers? We have shareware files (try them before you buy them) of all styles - ranging from older DOS based programs to new and modern Windows XP & Vista! Our file libraries started in 1993 and are constantly being added to with today's programs. We virus scan ALL of our files so your computer won't get hit with a virus! Our shareware file library is packed with over 5 GB of files waiting to be downloaded - all FREE of charge!

You can download (or upload) shareware files via Telnet Access (with a ZMODEM enabled Telnet client such as mTelnet or SyncTerm) or FTP access.

Want to learn how to download and upload Shareware Files? Click Here to learn how.


For More Information

For more information, please also visit the How To Use page to learn how to use the features of the Diamond Mine Online such as Message Forums, Interactive BBS Doors and Shareware Files.