Frequently Asked Questions about the Diamond Mine Online System

The Diamond Mine Online System is an Online Community developed with YOU in mind. This is an interactive community with online message forums, BBS Doors, and file downloads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Diamond Mine Online?

A: The Diamond Mine Online System is a unique Internet entertainment destination with message forums, online BBS Doors, and shareware files.


Q: When did it start?

A: The Diamond Mine Online got it's start as the Diamond Mine Bulletin Board System (BBS) near Pittsburgh, PA in July 1993. It was relocated to Northern Virginia in January 1995 and has been here ever since. It was only accessable via a direct modem-to-modem connection until 1996 when it was connected to the Internet, and has been connected that way ever since.


Q: How Can I Access the Diamond Mine Online?

A: The best way to access the Diamond Mine is via a process called Telnet. If you already have Telnet enabled in your operating system, Click Here to access the Diamond Mine directly. If you have your own Telnet Client, use the address 24.

Or you can try our experimental Web Interface. Note - You can't play the interactive BBS doors via the web interface, though you can via the web portal on the main page. However, we strongly encourage you to use Telnet or SSH to visit our site. Not familiar with Telnet? Check out our How To Access the Diamond Mine page.


Q: What is there to do at the Diamond Mine Online?

A: We have over 40 Interactive Online BBS Doors, over 200 Message Forums and over 1 GB of Shareware Files. We also have a chat system to allow users to chat with each other, and the ability to send and receive Internet E-mail.


Q: What Does It Cost?

A: Nothing! Zip. Zilch. Nada. However, feel free to make a donation via PayPal if you like. No obligation though. :)


Q: I have a question. Can I contact you?

A: Sure. Fill out the form on the Conact Us page.


Q: I want to start my own system. How hard is it?

A: Visit our sister website called The BBS Corner. It will give you a lot of details to get started.


For More Information

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your visit more enjoyable. The Diamond Mine Online can change to the desires of you, our users. Thanks!

For more information, please also visit the How To Access the Diamond Mine Online page to learn how to access the Diamond Mine Online via Telnet, Web or FTP.