How to Access the Diamond Mine Online System!

The Diamond Mine Online has multiple ways you can access the system. You can choose which way suits you best depending on where you want to go and what you want to do at the Diamond Mine Online.

Telnet Access (Best Way)

Telnet access is the recommened access method of connecting to the Diamond Mine Online. Telnet allows for full access to each of the features of the system.

If you want, here are some step by step instructions on how to access the Diamond Mine with Telnet.


What Exactly Is Telnet Anyhow?

Telnet is one of the oldest Internet protocols and used to access other computer systems across the Internet. Almost every computer system that is connected to the Internet has the capbility to Telnet to other systems. For more information, see the Wikipedia article.


Services available via Telnet

  • Online Messaging (Read and Send Messages)
  • Play Interactive BBS Doors (like Legend of the Red Dragon)
  • Transfer Sharware Files (A ZMODEM enabled Telnet Client is required)

You can telnet to the Diamond Mine Online using the built-in Telnet program in your operating system. However, we recommend you download a Telnet Client (see below) to use all the features available to you!

Telnet now to the Diamond Mine Online, or use your Telnet Client of choice and type in the following for the address: 24
Alternate: 24

Note: The links above may not work for Windows users since Telnet may not be turned on by default. Follow these instructions to turn on the built-in Telnet Client in Windows. (Note: Google Chrome may also not allow you to access Telnet links directly. Use Firefox instead!) However, we recommend using a Telnet Client (see below).


Recommended Telnet Clients

The BEST way to experience the Diamond Mine Online is to use a Telnet Client. These are software programs that provide the best experience for the user. The built-in Windows Telnet Client does not support file transfers. Hence we highly suggest using a Telnet Client.

Though there are many Telnet Clients out there, we highly recommend either SyncTerm or mTelnet. These programs are not only free and easy to use, but these also are compatible with the Telnet Lists available at the Telnet BBS Guide.

The client we recommend is mTelnet, a freeware Telnet Client. Download this to your computer, unzip in the directory where you wish to use the software, and run the program. Read the included README.TXT file for more information.

Another great Telnet Client is SyncTerm. Though slightly harder to user, SyncTerm works in a variety of operating systems (WIndows, Mac and Linux). It also allows you to go "Full Screen" and operate BBS Systems such as the Diamond Mine Online as they were done originally (before Windows!)


Download mTelnet here.

Download SyncTerm here.

Dial-Up Access to the Diamond Mine Online

Starting in November 2021, we are bringing back DIAL UP access to the Diamond Mine Online! We are now able to have a real modem on the BBS and it works great! If you still have a modem and wish to call the Diamond Mine, our dial up number is:

(540) 369-2900 (US/Canada)

+1 (540) 369-2900 (International)

This is a local call from the Fredericksburg, Virginia area.

Web Access to the Diamond Mine Online

World Wide Web (experimental beta test) access is now available to the Diamond Mine Online. Our web address is:

Web access may not be operational at all times, and may not be available from all locations depending on your configuration.

Services Available via Web Access: Online messaging (read/send messages).  File Downloads and BBS Doors are NOT available via our Web Access page.


Web Telnet Interface

We are now experimenting with our Web Telnet interface. This will allow all functions EXCEPT file downloads. Click on the CONNECT button below to be automatically connected to the Diamond Mine Online. If you wish to perform file downloads from the web, we suggest you use either a Telnet Client above (best choice) or File Transfer Protocol (FTP) access (See below).


File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

To download shareware files, you can use either Telnet access or File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

Once registered via Telnet or Web interface, you can then use FTP to download files instead Telnet with Zmodem. But you MUST register as a user first!

The FTP address is:


For More Information

For more information, please also visit the How To Use page to learn how to use the features of the Diamond Mine Online such as Message Forums, Interactive Online BBS Doors and Shareware Files.